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You have most likely been referred to us by your trusted family dentist for the specialist services we offer. At our facility, we practice only within the limits of our three specialisations.

We do not practice general dentistry such as crowns and fillings, which are the work of your family/referring dentist. Your dentist will brief us on the specifics of your individual case. and any needs which require our particular expertise. We will work closely with your family dentist to formulate an individual treatment plan and explain the long term outcome of available options.

Each of the practitioners at Dental Specialists Group has trained in the USA and is accredited as Specialist by the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and the Dental Council of Hong Kong. You benefit from our combined experience of over 90 years in our particular disciplines! Rest assured that our highly trained and compassionate team is ready to help you with any of your dental needs.

About Us



  • Management the supporting structures around the teeth

  • Diagnosis and treatment the bone loss and gum recession during periodontal disease

  • The placement and long-term maintenance of dental implants

  • The maintenance of oral health with the help of professional dental hygienists


  • Alignment of the jaws and the teeth

  • Interception of bite problems in young children

  • Comprehensive treatment in adults to help with periodontal health

  • Facilitate restorative work using functional appliances, self-ligating braces, Invisalign™ and lingual braces, Incognito™


  • The study and treatment of the dental pulp

  • Diagnosis of dento-facial pain

  • Endodontic therapy ("root canal therapy") and endodontic retreatment

  • Surgery, treating cracked teeth and dental trauma

Dental Hygiene
Dental hygienists are trained to look at the oral tissues, evaluate inflammation and changes in the mouth. They also look for cavities and see if improvements in oral hygiene are needed. They have attended courses in implant maintenance. The hygienists teach oral hygiene while patients are undergoing orthodontic treatment



Rupert Gildenhuys



Dr Rupert Gildenhuys graduated from the University of Pretoria in 1970 and then left for graduate studies in the USA at Boston University. He graduated in Periodontics and then also Prosthodontics and stayed at Boston University as a teaching fellow. He was awarded M.Sc.D and D.Sc.D. degrees as well as Specialty Certificates from Boston University.

He was appointed as the first Professor of Periodontology at the University of Pretoria in 1976.


Martine Boisson


Dr Martine Boisson was born in Brittany and graduated with an MD degree from the University of Nantes, she pursued her studies, first specialising in Stomatology in Nantes, and then in orthodontics at Boston University where she obtained a master’s degree. She then sustained her Ph.D. thesis at the University of Nantes. In 1978 she moved back to Boston where she worked in a multidisciplinary adult practice. In 1994, she relocated to Hong Kong.


Carlo Castellucci


Dr Carlo Castellucci graduated from Dental School at the University of Pretoria in 1980. He then worked in General Dentistry for a year in England, before going on to Graduate School to study Endodontics at Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry.

He was awarded a CAGS (Certificate of Advance Graduate Study in Endodontics) in May of 1983 and a M. Sc.D (Master of Science in Dentistry in Endodontics) in September of 1983.

Contact Us



13F, Malahon Centre

10-12 Stanley St, Central

Hong Kong


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  9am – 6pm

Closed on Public Holidays


+852 2522 1996

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